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I am using word 2016 for a handbook. I would like it to be editable so that I can go back and add paragraphs without having to reformat everything. How do I allow one page to be 1 column and flow into the next page with 2 columns without adding a page break. I've found that adding a page break will not keep everything in the right format (1 column on one page and 2 columns on the next) when I add to the document. 

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Whenever you change the number of newspaper columns, a section break is required (if you haven't manually added a break, Word will add it for you). Text won't flow past a section break.


For a small document, you can fake this by using linked text boxes. However, that won't work in a long document, because Word imposes a limit of the number of linked text boxes.


Also, many text boxes will make the document more complex and more likely to corrupt.