Collapsing Figures under a heading after Page Break

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I am attempting to insert a figure into my document, but in order to do so I require one of the pages to become landscape. In word this can only be accomplished using a page break. This is an issue because I want that same figure to collapse under a heading in the previous 'section' before the page break. Is there any way to do this?


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Hello @rsirjani ,

figures (captions) are automated fields that don't care for section breaks.

Their field "shows" the nearest heading style so a section break cannot break that. 

Can you post a picture of where it doesn't work, and perhaps what's in the figure's field?


Hi @rsirjani ,

right, so I see we are meaning two different things.

Do I understand that what you want to do is the chapter heading to be on the same page with the figure? If yes, where is the section break?

Edit: It is useful to have the nonprinting characters switched on (ctrl+shift+8 on the keyboard, not the num pad).

No, I want the figure to collapse with the rest of the text under the chapter heading 'Chapter 2: Methods and Materials'. That way everything in chapter 2 will collapse under it's heading and the next thing I will see is chapter 3.
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Hello @rsirjani,

I am sorry I misunderstood your message because you talk of page breaks, which confused me, and because you seemed to understand that collapsing is interrupted by sections breaks. 

I therefore thought your problem was different. My apologies.

The answer to your question is no, there isn't.



You can use Outline view (click View > Outline) if you want to be able to collapse and expand text paragraphs that are subordinate to a heading. This works even if a section break is present.

Thank you!
However this view messes with the formatting of my bibliography. What I want to do is not really possible in the current version of Microsoft word. Maybe this problem can be resolved in the next version for windows 11!



Note that Outline view will display a simplified document layout, but it won't change the document permanently. You can switch between Outline view and Print Layout view as required.