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I am working on documents generated by a third-party.   I log in to a third-party site,  answer several pages of questions either by selecting from a list or actually filling in fields.  When finished the doc is save to the third-party, who will generate the document to be downloaded.  It is downloaded in web view and converted to print view.  I rename and save the document to my files. I will open and being editing.  These documents can range in size from 100 to 180 pages.  There is a lot of editing consisting of adding more information, inserting tables, correcting grammatical errors and correcting font and font size.  It is a nightmare editing these documents and then some of the revisions are saved and some or not.  I will add that I do save the document several times during editing.  But have not done a save as and renamed the  documents.  I have logged ticket with our IT department who has never heard of such a thing.  Can you please help me get this figured out.

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@LMBliss If you are saving the document into a folder that is synchronized with OneDrive, I would suggest that you save it into a folder that is NOT so synchronized.  If you do that, you have complete control over the document, which you may not have if it is synchronized with OneDrive where in theory, all of your changes are saved automatically.  That does not however always happen if there is some glitch with the internet connection.


Thank you for the response, and I will confirm with IT if the folder does sync with OneDrive.  I have another question which I think is related but maybe not.  When I do a Ctrl+A to highlight the document and a change the font and the font size, it is not working is this related the the above issue or is it something different?

@LMBliss No, that should be possible regardless of where the document is saved.

Do you have any idea why this is happening? Could it be from different versions of Word being used?