Change default font?

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I'd like to change the default font for all  users when creating  new documents in Word 2016.  I don't think it is feasible to simply produce a new any more, as  I believe these are created on the fly now.  Any ideas?

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Not sure to understand your comment about

Anyway, give a look to this article:

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That's the standard approach for one user.  It's been like that for a long time.   But does not really help when there are 2,500 users that I need to do it for.


AFAIK, the default font is stored in normal.dotm. BTW, sharing normal.dotm among multiple users is not supported (

You could then write a login script to download normal.dotm form a network share, but that would overwrite also other user personalizations, which I assume is something you don't want to do.

IMHO the best solution could be to create a shared template with all the settings you need, including the default font, and ask the users to use it.

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I have always created an organizational .dot and instructed all mambers oit the organziation to use that whenever they were preparing material for the organziation.  Actually we had 4.  One each for letters, memos, reports, and Technical Papers and we hamed them as such.  The only issue was enforcement and that took a few weeks but we had 350 odd people using the same templates with little complaint.  About 10 needed assistance as they could not follow our directions for changing the .dot file. 


I discovered taht a number of people were creating .docx files of each of the templates and keeping those in a special folder and whenever the wanted to create a document the just opened the appropirate one and immediately named it and saved it wherever it belonged in their directory structure.