Challenge: Get "ASDF" to be Times New Roman


In the attached file, get the text string "ASDF" to be Times New Roman using the style "_Instructional Italics 0.75" (which the text is already set to). I can override the font and create a new style "+Times New Roman" but that's just lazy ;)


You can try setting the style "_Instructional Italics 0" (the parent style) to ANY other font (I'm using OpenType fonts, btw) and you'll see that the style inheritance works just fine for text both in and out of the tables - they all update to use the font set in the parent style.


But not Times New Roman. When set to TNR, it reverts to Arial.


This is Word 2013

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So the solution to this is that your document Default font MUST match the font you're using for the Normal style in that same document.


Found this here: