Cannot replace style when import text from other document

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I am trying to learn everything I can about styles, as I think they are the most important tool in Word.


One thing I don't understand - if I import text from another document into my current document, many times it will have "no style" as far as I can tell. I select the text and then try to apply a style but nothing happens. Sometimes I will try to clear the style and then apply a style, but nothing happens.


What I notice is that a new style might appear, like "apple-converted-space". So I guess that is the style.


But I have tried to select all text that has this style and then change the style, but no luck. I delete the style, but still cannot set the style.


Totally maddening; what am I doing wrong?

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Hi @Bryan Schmiedeler ,

I can think of this:

- select a piece of text in the style you want to apply to those apple-converted-space

- Ctrl+Shift+S to list the styles

- right-click apple-converted-space and choose "Update to match selection"

Kind regards