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I am using a resume template. The third page is blank (still has template design on it but I have not typed anything on third page). Backspacing does not get rid of it. I also tried deleting it from the navigation page. Did not work. Am unable to delete the formatting marks. NOTHING WORKS. I don't understand why it has to be so hard to simply delete a page...

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We would need to see the document to be sure. However, the template probably makes use of a Table and be default a table must be followed by at least an empty paragraph and there may not be room for that paragraph on the previous page. You may be able to get it to appear on the previous page by reducing the font size, line spacing of the paragraph, or by formatting it as hidden and turn off the display of hidden text. 


There could however be other reasons for it happening, but we would need to see the document to determine what is causing it.  If you cannot sort it out, upload a copy of the document.


I am confident that Doug has identified the problem.

Most well-written resume templates use Tables for their setup.

Turning on view of non-printing formatting marks can help you spot the problem, which is likely a blank paragraph following the table.

If that is the problem, try selecting that persistent paragraph mark and changing the font size to 1.

See Deleting “Blank” Pages by Suzanne Barnhill, MVP.


Additional resource: 4. Use Tables and Tabs to Arrange Text in Microsoft Word