Cannot change text color or hightlights.

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Hi. New Microsoft Office 365 person. Have only used Word thus far. I am on a new PC working in a large table. Everything was going fine, until i wanted to change text color. I am having trouble changing text colors using the icon on the main task bar as well as the mini tool bar. It does not work. I would send you and example but there isn't anything there to see. Nothing happens when I try to change the color of text.  What did I do wrong? How do I fix this? 

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If you right-click a selected text range in a table cell and click Font Color on the mini toolbar, what do you see? You should be able to pick a color from the drop down which will be applied to the selection immediately.




yesterday i could not see anything on the mini toolbar when i clicked on an font color icon. But today, for what ever reason i am able to change my fonts from the main as well as the mini toolbar. Maybe Word was just tired of me poking at it all day? i don't know but it sure was frustrating. Thank you so much for your response. 



Thanks for the follow-up. Sometimes, a restart is all that is needed for things to go back to normal. :)