Can't save changes to quick style list

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Hi All, no matter what I try--and despite chat support which proved useless--there is no way I can find to get MS Word to save deletions to the Quick Style list/ribbon in the normal.dotm template.  Instead, every time I delete a style, or try to customize that ribbon (either by using the remove command, or unchecking Modify | Add to Quick Styles, it's just back after I quit and relaunch Word. This happens even if I'm prompted to save changes to the global normal.dotm template and do.


Am I missing something or is this yet another MS Word bug?  If so, is there a work around?


Thanks for any help.

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Press ALT+F11 to display the Visual Basic Editor and then press CTRL+G to display the Immediate window and into it type:


That will cause the Normal template to open as a document and if you then make changes to the Styles and save the template and then close it, the changes will be retained when you then create a new document from the Normal.dotm template.