Can't insert a photo using the fill option

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I am trying to fill a text box with an image, I can click the image, select the shape format tab, then the fill tab, and finally after clicking picture fill and it prompts you to choose from either a file, bing image search, or one drive. Word does not allow me to click any of the three options. 

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@Tanner_Winger This is an issue that has been reported to the Microsoft Word Product Team who have advised that they have found the root cause of the issue which will require a code rollback, which takes a little longre that their ideal process of being able to switch the change off remotely when you log onto your computer.  As a result, they are now working to release an update to overcome the problem.


As Doug says, this is a known recent problem.


A workaround, if you click on the Bing Search option when an error message comes up, there is a button to work offline. That will let you use Windows Explorer in your Pictures folder on the computer.


People have reported that this takes too long and another workaround is to turn off your Internet connection when doing this (i.e. go offline).