Can't export word document to PDF/A (ISO 19005).

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I am trying to save as or export a word document with the option PDF/A compatible.
It does not work - i get an error like "We could not find your file..." (in German).
Writing to PDF without this option works.
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019.




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@lakibuk When you do not use the PDF/A option, do you have the same boxes checked as when trying to use the PDF/A option?  If not, check all of the boxes in the same way (as when using the PDF/A option) and see if the same error occurs when you do not use that option.  

I believe that the issue may occur because a font file cannot be found.

If that does not overcome the issue, try performing an On-Line repair of the Office installation as detailed in the Knowledge Base article at:


Thanks for your reply.
I've tried online and quick repair, the error is still there.
All other options are checked the same way when exporting PDF normally.
Also the PDF/A export works in Libre Office.

@lakibuk Does the problem affect all documents, or just one particular document?


If it is just one document, can you upload a copy of it to a sharing site, such as OneDrive or Dropbox so that we can investigate the issue.

All documents. Even a freshly created blank page can't be exported.