black background on exported pdf?

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So I gin up a Word document with white text on a black background. Look great. I export it to pdf with Print->Save as PDF, and IT'S ALL WHITE! What happened to my white text on black background?

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P.S. I should say that when I have Adobe do it for me, with their free Word-to-PDF service, it comes out looking fine.
Go to File>Options>Display and under Printing options, check the box for "Print background colors and images".
Um, geez, this is Mac Word 16.16.27, and there ain't no File>Option. I fact, when you chose "Print" I don't see any checkbox for printing background color and images.
On a Mac, it would be somewhere under Preferences.
OK, I found it, set it, and it all works. Thank you! Sort of dumb that it defaults OFF.



I am also having this problem - I am a Mac user. Can you please specify where under preferences? What steps did you take?


Thank you!