Best Practice: Linking data from e.g. Excel (or sharepoint) into Word report

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 Dear community,

I want to create a report template for my work where I can simply fill in the data I want to have in my report into a excel sheet
and then it gets automatically inserted into my word report at the correct place and with the correct formatting.

I already tried to use the data linking between excel and word but it is pain in the ass (extremly long loading times when opening the document, and the workaround is just to difficult for the whole company). So I now wanted to ask you if you have any idea how such a thing can be done in a simple and working way. We also use a microsoft sharepoint system which could be used to achive this goal or to provide a mask to fill in the data for the report.

I really hope somebody can give me some hints how I can achive this goal and create a generic report, where only customer data and all other individual data can be inserted by just typing the data in the correct excel cell or something like this.

Thank you very much in advance.


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