Back button opens a new Read-Only document

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The issue is only affecting one document, which is about 400 pages long. I use a lot of cross-references, so I have a Quick Access shortcut for the "Back" button to go back to my previous view before I clicked the cross-reference. For some reason, this document's Back button doesn't return to the previous view and instead opens a read-only version of the same document. Any ideas? Thanks. 

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@hbear655 Did you use some code to cause the selection to move from the target of the cross-reference back to the cross-reference field?  If so, what was that code?  If you did not use code, how did you achieve it originally.

@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP - Thanks for your reply. If I understand your question correctly, you're asking how I was trying to navigate back to where I'd originally clicked the cross-reference? I use the "Back" Quick Access Toolbar button, shown here. (Please let me know if I've misunderstood your question though.)Screenshot 2023-05-14 175833.jpg

Also, this issue is happening in other documents as well