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Hi, I have been trying to find a way, how to generate automatic date today and add x amount of years to that. Example: I copy old MS word file in my pc and paste that file to update its content for a new event. In that new copy, I would like to see TODAY´s DATE, that updates itself, lets say when I click save. And in another place inside the text I would like to see similar automatic date today + 75 years - 1 day for example. so, I click save (or similar) and get text updates like: "Mary went to London on 05.05.2019 and said next time she would go on 04.05.2020" So next time I use same file and update its macro? I get new date according to date on that day. Not sure how goes with 355 vs 356 days in one year, can excel calculate it on its own by calendar? Thanks for Tips, Joseph
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Hi @joosep90 

Not sure which part you want to do in Word and which in Excel - you mention both.

You can add today's date as a field in Word.

You can add a year in Excel by adding 365.25 - that would be 7*365.25 for seven years.

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If the original document (or its template) contains a CREATEDATE field instead of just a DATE field, then opening the document and using the Save As command to create a copy of it (or creating a new document from the template) will automatically display the date when you did that.


For adding a constant amount of time to the date, see the Date Calculation Tutorial that you can download from