Auto Size Text to One Line (Mail Merge)

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I'm using a mail merge to create customized headlines for a mailing. Some names in my mailing list are long, causing the headline to break into two lines when I only want it on one line. I have looked around online but cannot find a way to do this.


Is it possible to format my headline such that it will reduce the size of the headline if it is too long, in order to keep it within a single line?


I have tried using a single cell table and a text box, and could not figure out how to resize the text. All I could figure out was how to resize the table or text box to fit the text, rather than the other way around.


Thanks in advance!

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The only way that could be done would be to run a macro on the document(s) created by executing the merge that used the Selection.Information function to determine if the headline was split over two lines and progressively reduce the size of the font until it all fitted on one line.