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Has anybody noticed that authority details are lost on the word? Basically: if I open a file from Teams to desktop app and having tracking changes. When I write something it shows change as I have made them. But after several seconds, the text is not marked as "red" anymore, but blue and when move mouse over the text is shows: "Author inserted".


When I made a local copy to my local disk, the information stays there as expected.


Is this a feature on the Teams/SharePoint and do we have a control for that behaviour? Or is this a GDPR feature? :)


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@Petri X This happens whenever anyone runs the Document Inspector and chooses to remove "Document Properties and Personal Information". It is not just in Teams or in SharePoint.


You can resume adding changes with reviewers' names by going to File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Privacy Options and clearing this check box:




However, there is no way to recover the names that have been removed.

Thank you @Jay Freedman 

I was not aware that this could be per document settings. So one document have rule to clean the privacy informations and then next do not have if you would like it in that way.