Arabic Ligature Problem

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Hi everyone!


I have a little problem with the ligatures in Microsoft Word, specifically with Arabic. The ligatures look fine in Word but using PDF doesn't work. Whether I use a third-party PDF converter, Export As Pdf, or Save As PDF, it is not working.


This is what it looks like in Word:

Text in Word



And in PDF:Text in PDF


The first font is Scheherazade New and the second is called AAAGoldenLotus Stg1_Ver1. Ideally, I want to use the first one.


This is the actual text: 

لا فلا المحلا كان المسلم التهذيب التهذيب الحاكه

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We cannot see the images of the Word and PDF in your post, but you might try using the Snagit Printer from and then save the output in the Snagit editor in pdf format.