Advanced question: can I add right aligned text to a left aligned paragraph style.

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I know the title might be a bit confusing, better wording for searching is always welcome.


My question:

I would like to add some changeable text to my header styles for a template I am making. The formatting for the Header itself I am happy with, but it would be verry useful to have some information displayed on the right of that header about the content of that header.

Here you can see an example of what I would like the result to be:

Example of the result I would like.Example of the result I would like.


This example was made with a textbox, but that wouldn't be a sustainable solution to add a textbox every time.

Looking forward to your comments.

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Hello @Stijn_verschueren ,


sure you can.


What you need is a style separator (Alt+Ctrl+Return).

Here is how you do it:

1. Type and style your heading. Place the right tab on the rule where you want your comment end. Press Return.

2. Type and style your future comment text. Don't bother with the right align, but place a tabulator before the text. Press Return.

3. Type and style whatever text follows.

4. Place your cursor before the paragraph mark of the heading and do Alt+Ctrl+Return (or you can put that command to the quick ribbon, 'Style separator' is still available in Word commands). The text will "join" visually, but not stylistically.


The beauty of the style separator is to join two styles, usually a Heading and a Body text, into one line without the text showing in TOC.


Hope this helps.

Adding another screenshot with the style separator showing.




A style separator is a good idea, assuming that you mean heading rather than header. (In Word terminology, these two are very different.)


In the header area (at the top of each page), you can make use of a two-column table. Apply different styles to the different cells.

Thx for the quick help. I'm not so familiar with tabulators so a link to a tutorial would be helpful. But even without it's a huge improvement. The images were helpful as control point.
Indeed, I mean the Heading. The style separator did work really well.