Adjust margins on one section of my document

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I am trying to adjust margins (R & L only) on only 1-2 pages of my document. When I follow the online instructions the result is that the entire document's margins are adjusted..

I have tried applying this adjustment 'from this point forward' as well as to the 'current section'. Both result in the same behavior.

Any ideas appreciated.

With thanks in advance, jwc

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Hello @Jack_cane ,

I've been fighting this issue with Word for over a decade now. I think it is something the writers missed when they had been writing sections.

I am actually thinking of raising it as an issue to Microsoft to fix it, as there are more things that don't work in sections that should. Lenka



Are these two pages in the middle of the document? In that case, you will have to insert two section breaks: one before and one after the area for which you want custom margins. Use Layout > Breaks > Next Page. Or you can use Layout > Breaks > Continuous if you prefer to start the section anywhere on the page.


As an alternative, maybe you can apply indents to text paragraphs. That way, you won't need any section breaks at all.