Add the lasso select tool to Word

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Please add the Lasso Select tool to the Word (2019) Draw tab.

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At least if you are running Word for Windows, you can add a custom group to the Draw tab and add any command you like there (File > Options > Customize Ribbon). It will be easier to just add the "lasso tool" to the Quick Access Toolbar, though (File > Options > Quick Access Toolbar). Regardless of where you choose to add the command, the specific command you want is called Select Objects. 




I also checked the method that you mentioned, but again this tool was not added in the draw section and also was disabled in the quick toolbar section.

You can see the pictures in the attachments.

Click File > Options > Quick Access Toolbar, choose the "All Commands" category and locate Select Objects. Click the Add button to add it to the QAT. Also, make sure that you choose "For all documents (default)" in the "Customize Quick Access Toolbar" drop down. See screen shot.



Thanks, I tried this solution and it was good but it is not like Lasso select tool; Do I need to have special access to use this tool? Is there a solution? (My Word version is 2019 and I recently updated it.)



Select Objects does let you use drag & drop to select all objects in an area of a Word document. It is working just fine here: 





Is it not working for you?


Or are you looking for some other tool?



I want all the components I draw to be separable, for example, the number 2 can be separated from x ^ 2, which with this tool will not be separable all the components, but can be done with the Lasso select tool.
It can be seen in the picture.



OK, you are referring to the Ink Selection tool. I don't think you can add that particular command to the Quick Access Toolbar (but I could be wrong). I haven't managed to locate it at least. :(



I raised this issue with a Microsoft expert and found out that this option is available in Word 2021 and Office 356 versions and not in the 2019 version of Word.



Please post the details! You may be able to help someone else. :)