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Hey there, I love working with Word but was wondering if there is any benefit to buying and using the Acrobat dc software in conjunction with Word as I've seen some do where it adds an Acrobat tab to the Word ribbon. 


  1. So are there any benefits to using Acrobat with Word or is using Word enough and also
  2. Is there any difference between the quality of the pdf downloads between Word and Acrobat.

 Thanks and Word out


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Hi John


In my experience, I find the inbuilt PDF an excellent tool.


I've worked in many organisations where they have used Adobe PDF and  the default settings make images look really low quality and rubbish. 


The PDF converter inbuilt to word does things in higher quality.


I also note (and I have no idea why this happens) that the inbuiilt PDF converter makes files better quality and smaller file size than Adobe which (by default) was pushing out low quality images and larger file sizes.


My verdict, sticking to the good, simple tool that Microsoft provide!