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The equation editor within word needs an option to either add alternative text so that a screen-reader and the Read Aloud function can read a formatted equation as it it were plain text. 


Or when the .docx file is converted to a PDF the equation needs to assign the plain text as the equation as alt text when it generates the picture of the equation. 


The first option would be best as it would allow the equation to be edited once exported. 

I am very happy to listen to any thoughts or suggestions. 

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Equation Editor (Microsoft Equation 3.0) was included in earlier versions of Word, but was removed from all versions in the January 2018 Public Update (PU) and replaced with a new equation editor.

The content here describes this feature for users who have installed this update.

Equation Editor

mportant: Equation Editor 3.0 it was removed because of security issues with its implementation. Users who try to edit an equation created in Equation Editor 3.0 will receive the error message "Microsoft Equation is not available." Equation Editor 3.0 objects will still display normally if you have MT Extra font installed (if you don't have the font, you can download it). However, users can edit these equations only by downloading the MathType software tools that are provided by WIRIS. See MathType desktop for Equation Editor users.


Since my knowledge in Word can be described as user knowledge and not as professional knowledge, information is always without guarantee.


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