Accessibility Checker flags error but does not display error in document

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I am using Word 365 MSO (16.0.13801.21002) 64-bit, on Windows 10, in a locked down environment.


I am running the Accessibility Checker on a 130-page user guide with lots of graphics and tables. This file has been updated and up-updated several times over the last few years, so there may be cruft inside it.


When I run the Checker, it display errors for things like "Group 23" or "Picture 44272." For most of those items, I click on the item and Word displays that picture or table.


But there are some items flagged as errors, such as the above "Group 23", that Word does not display. For example, I click on "Group 23" in the list and *nothing* happens. Word sees there's an error to be corrected, but it does not show me where in the file the error is.


The only thing I know to do is a horrible kludge:


  1. Save the DOCX as XML.
  2. Open the XML in notepad++
  3. Search for "Group 23."

It's not a perfect workaround, but I can find the page and start testing graphics to see if they have alt-text.


But golly -- isn't there an easier way? How can I search for something like "Group 23" or "Picture 42442" within Word so I don't have to read the XML code?



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I had this same issue, with dozens of mystery groups and tables flagged in a large document. I discovered this solution:

1. click on the error item in the accessibility checker list - this will set focus on the hidden item
2. press Ctrl-A to fully select the hidden item, and its container/group/whatever
3. press delete.

do this for each mystery item.
Thank you! I will try this.