A Weird Request - Hidden Text Which Reveals Itself After Dropping Water On Paper

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Hi there,


Recently I am trying to do some experimental works with Word and impressions. 


I would like to know if any of you guys, who probably have way more experience with Word than me, could help me in this one. The problem is: I have a file with hidden text in it, and I want to "reveal" the text after the interaction of water, I mean, after the paper gets wet. It is kinda weird, I know; I can't reveal the stuff at all, but it is for artistical purposes. 


My first attempt was the use of a lighter shade of white. The irony is: the "hidden" text was more visible before the water.  Anyway, does someone know what kind of formatation I could use to reproduce this effect without major problems? 


Thanks in advance!

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There are invisible inks for Inkjet printers that could be used for something like that. See:
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