3 state Checkbox

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I would like to create a 3 state checkbox which has the following states.

3 state checkbox.png

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Try Google "How To Add Check Boxes MS Word ", for example. There are many well written articles about it. I am sure you will find one suitable for your task.

I know u mean good by saying that, but I wouldnt write here if I could find the answer anywhere on the internet where I get access to the information.


Right, so just the first article that comes up after putting that search in google is the one that explains how content controls work.
It's not that I dont want to be unhelpful, but that it's not worth rewriting what was already very well explained and written elsewhere.



You seem to not understand what is asked here so let me re-phrase that:
I know how to put a checkbox in a word dokument...
The problem is that all checkboxes which are made inside word have 2 states: "True" and "False", there is no option to create a 3 state checkbox...
Except when a ActiveX checkbox is used, and there I can have a "True" tick, A "false" tick and a "intermediate" tick. But I cant, or dont know how to, change the layout for it look like in the Post mentioned layout.

Izidor, I totally understand what you want to do. What you don't seem to understand is that you need some knowledge first, and gaining that information is beyond this forum. I gave you first direction, now you may want to pick that up.

Unless someone does the search for you and pastes either all the links for you, or copies and pastes all the information from other sources. NikolinoDE is good at that, perhaps he might do that.

I've seen your other posts and you have a lot of questions regarding content controls. Read up first the basics of how to work with content controls, and I am sure you will quickly figure it out.

I am sure this answer will also disalppoint you, but sometimes one just needs to walk before running.
To help you, though, search "TripleState" . I am sure you will find some coding that you will be able to implement.