2003 normal.dot in 2010 makes {doc ID} in footer multiply

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When my law firm went from Office 2003 to Office 2010, I put my 2003 normal.dot into the Word templates folder for 2010.  As suggested in numerous forums, it self-converted to normal.dotm and I was able to save my template set-up, styles, numerous shortcut keystrokes, auto-correct lists, etc.  

However, there is a weird glitch that no one can solve.

My law firm uses Worldox as a document management system.  It puts a document number in {curly brackets} at the left edge of the footer. On each Save, it searches for that {number} and replaces it, including updating its version suffix or providing a changed number if the doc has been cloned to a new document, etc.   

Sometimes, erratically and intermittently, it DUPLICATES the {number} instead of replacing it.  No one knows why or why it happens only sometimes. 

Any ideas?

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Hi @glnz


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Have you checked in with Trumpet (Worldox) support for a response from them? 


The { } brackets are pretty standard with many apps to insert info so the document management system is in charge of placing the info into those spots.


This may be a compatibility issue of some sort for Worldox. Also depends on how old your product is as well given that Law firms tend to stay on older technology for a lot longer than the shelf life of that technology, it may have an impact.


I hope you find a way forward.


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Damien - Sorry for late reply - end of year is very busy time for us.


Yes, we have been in extensive contact with Worldox.  And this problem continues after we have updated our version of Worldox AND the version of Word on my PC.


When one hits "Save", the Worldox program goes into the Footer, deletes ALL copies of the existing {number} in the Footer and then inserts the current {number} in the Footer, which is usually the same, but occasionally different if this is the first Save in a new version or a new document.  A Worldox coding guru showed me Worldox's code that does exactly this.

Erratically and intermittently, this initial delete does not succeed, but the following insert always succeeds, causing the {number} to multiply across the footer, and once it starts, it continues to do so with each further Save.

Oddly enough, whenever I (or a secretary) see it happening, I can fix the problem quickly (for the moment) by

- doing a CTRL+H Find of { ,

- then Escaping as soon as I see the first { selected (usually in the Footer),

- then Saving -

all the duplicate {numbers} disappear.  Weird!!!

But it's not a permanent fix.  The problem might recur then or later or the next day or the next week, in any document.


Any idea why Worldox's initial delete instruction sometimes doesn't happen?

Hi @glnz


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Unfortunately I have no idea how to fix your issue. The issue sits with Worldox given that they have created the product, so I would encourage you to continue to work with them.


The issue might also be a combination of factors which could be out of their control. 


One last avenue might be to log a ticket with Microsoft to point out the problem. Worldox should do the same.


I hope you do eventually find a solution to this issue and sorry I can't be of more help on this!


Best wishes