WVD Spring 2020 Update RDP host settings

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So we're now working with the Spring 2020 update to WVD and using the Azure portal now to do most of the building. One issue I've noticed and not sure if it IS an issue but when going to 'Host pools' and then 'Properties' we only see the 'Basic' pane and not the 'RDP Settings' pane. 


I've unregistered and reregistered our tenant to the service but still only seeing the 'Basic' pane.


Is this something that still hasn't been fully rolled out? Being a preview I can understand that. We are using East 2 region. Or is there something I haven't done correctly?



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I noticed this also because the RDP pain was there a while back now it is gone.




Same here; it used to be there but it is now been replaced with the RDP Properties text box on the same tab as the Basic tab. 




Ah I just noticed that. Seems backwards to me having that over an actual settings pane.....


I'm still holding out hope that MS is just messing around with it and will get it sorted. Other than that oddity the new Azure link works pretty well. Much nicer than a bunch of odd nested powershell stuff.


Anyone figure out what happened to the RDP Settings yet?  Or if nothing else a better description of all the options that could be typed into the text box?


I couldn't find anything from a quick look. Lots of powershell about the old WVD stuff but not much on the Spring 2020 at least at first glance. 


I'm assuming it'll either show up in MS' documentation or some blogger will have to show folks how to use it. Kinda grinds my gears that MS doesn't document as well as random bloggers. Where's all that money going? ;)


Hi @DanWeber , 


I'll give it some time till the General Availability comes out (hopefully soon) before jumping to conclusion. I have a feeling they are redesigning that page, so I would not spend too much time depending on these settings. However if you are curious here is a link to MS doc explaining every option: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/remote/remote-desktop-services/clients/rdp-files 


I also used a GPO,but it appeared that my GPO settings were overridden by the Portal settings.