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Hi all,


We currently have a Host pool setup with 2 session hosts. One of the installed applications logs into a 3rd party service and it is setup to only allow access from specified IP addresses.


We therefore need to add the Public facing IPs of our session hosts. How would we go about finding this out and ensuring they are statically set?

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@Dazzalc In scenarios like yours, we recommend to create Azure Load Balancer with a static IP and configure it for outbound connections like described in scenario 3 here:


@fdwlIt looks like this is actually scenario 2. I tested you recommendation using a Public Standard Load Balancer (with a static public IP), an Outbound Rule, and the WVD pool session hosts in the load balancer backend pool. Worked like a charm, although I had to reboot the session hosts after configuring as the WVD connection broker wasn't able to connect until after the reboot.


Thanks for the solution!