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One of my users is currently running Windows Virtual Deskop on Windows Server in Azure, and has problems with RemoteApp "loosing" connection and needs to be restarted


On that time, I have found that user session gets disconnected with error 2147954430 - which might be a "BAD_GATEWAY" response from the service? How can I get detailed information why this has happened - is Geneva / RDInfra agent capable of showing detailed, verbose logs so I can try to tell if the issue was with Microsoft GW / Broker or my session host? It seems to be quite frequent, as per following log extract. 



Any advice appreciated!

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The log output tells that there has been something 'unexpected' (Activity ID 1f7861c5-b56f-4e14-bbd2-ea8a68220000 :(


ErrorSource : RDGateway
ErrorOperation : GatewayConnectionActive
ErrorCode : -2146233088
ErrorCodeSymbolic : ConnectionFailedClientDisconnect
ErrorMessage : One or more errors occurred. (The remote party closed the WebSocket connection without completing
the close handshake.)
ErrorInternal : False
ReportedBy : RDGateway
Time : 11/11/2019 10:23:49 PM

ErrorSource : RDStack
ErrorOperation : ConnectionEstablished
ErrorCode : 14
ErrorCodeSymbolic : UnexpectedNetworkDisconnect
ErrorMessage : Unexpected network disconnect
ErrorInternal : False
ReportedBy : RDStack
Time : 11/11/2019 10:23:50 PM


From End-user perspective the application has hung and did not reconnect - only after killing the RemoteApp not responding window and reconnecting again the issue was escaped. From the server perspecitve it seems to have received bad gateway error from RD Stack. Does this qualify for a support case to be investigated ?


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