WVD Personal and Personal / Pooled Mix

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As someone noted there is shortage of personal wvd / personal and pooled mix info so just trying to tap the wisdom of the crowd before heading down the rabbit hole.


Anyone have suggestions based on experience with setting up personal WVD pools? VM series for professional type users (GPU not needed), image to use/base custom image on, issues experienced?


I saw there was a WVD announcement about Teams wvd experience improvements but wasn't clear whether that is automatically supported when office installed or need special install or config?


Thoughts/ideas on using personal along with pooled so person can have a personal desktop plus access to use pooled desktop / app pools as well?  ie Have a daily driver in pooled for business and assigned personal for special purposes - dev, special or sensitive apps.  Can still use use FSLogix so profile can follow regardless?





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I will note that first thing to check for WVD is that you have headroom on your region and VM series compute quota.  Otherwise if you provision multiple hosts with multiple vCPU through the add host pool marketplace ARM template it will probably fail at validation step with seemingly non specific error message. Check your quota status on subscription should be step 1 in host pool docs ;) 


azure has regional and per VM limits and you need to be aware of both and likely make requests to increase both at same time (depending on your current limit status/previous requests)