WVD in Azure Government


When WVD goes GA, are there any plans to include it in Azure Government? 

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@Zach-R: Windows Virtual Desktop GA is H22019. Microsoft Azure Goverment Cloud is on the road map.


@Eva Seydl What roadmap, where?  What is the planned date for WVD in the GCC?  Thanks!





Roadmap? There's more than a few dozen of those out there. :lol: As a MS partner, this is critical for us as we have a solution we'd like to build on WVD for a GCC client requiring CJIS compliance. There's nothing concise on this anywhere. Also, @Eva Seydl do you work for MS Gov in the US?



Starting today, Citrix can extend Windows Virtual Desktop worldwide, including support for Windows 10 multi-session, Windows 7 with free Extended Security Updates for up to three years, and support for Windows Server 2008 R2 with free Extended Security Updates on Azure.
Later this year, VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure will extend Windows Virtual Desktop and its benefits, such as Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session and support for Windows 7 with free Extended Security Updates for up to three years. Preview will be available by the end of the calendar year.
We also engaged with hardware partners, system integrators (SI), who provide turnkey desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) offerings, and value-added solution providers, who add capabilities such as printing, application layering, assessment, and monitoring on Azure Marketplace.
Yes, as another MS Partner we have customers expressing great interest to provide cloud access to specialized software, and remain NIST compliant. WVD would fit the requirement. This is needed sooner than later.