WVD Gateway Performance Issues?

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Hey Everyone,


We have been chugging along just fine with our WVD installation. All of our users are remote at this point, due to COVID-19 and everything had been fine. This morning, around 9:30, we started seeing performance issues with connection to the desktop. By performance issues I mean, slow mouse movements, slow to scroll through a website or email and the like. There are no indicators of performance issues on the WVD Hosts themselves - Disk / CPU / Memory all fine.


I have used Horizon View and XenDesktop in the past pretty extensively, and this felt like a scenario where bandwidth to the gateway/connection broker is saturated or is seeing high latency/packet loss. 


I would blame this on an individual's home internet connection or coffee shop wifi, but, it is all of my users (including myself).  I wish there were some way to see or manage the performance of the WVD connection broker...but I am not aware of any. Is anyone else seeing this? I did see the thread about drops and what not, but this is not related, I do not believe.

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@FinTechSean I just came to this post because we are seeing the same thing here. We tried investigating our local network, our local internet connection, rebooting the local workstation, and rebooting the VMs in the cloud to no avail.


Looks like the gateway is slow.



Same exact issue.  Our WVD performance starting today has been horrendous.  Our support teams have been getting notifications that users are having issues connecting to desktops, terrible latency, disconnections, etc.  


Our legacy RDSGW is chugging along fine.  I think Microsoft may have released this product too early and are unable to handle the load from this mass on-boarding.


I wish there was an accurate public status page.

@HMS-Vik The Azure status page has a nice little green check next to Windows Virtual Desktop for the US. I guess it isn't very accurate.





@FinTechSean I do see one Azure Service Bulletin for WVD as of 18 hours ago, but it's related to diagnostic queries:






Yup, Build this our VDI solution for COVID-19 DR and it worked amazing for 3 weeks. The service degradation seems to be around times people are starting to work. I changed my "quality settings" in the RemoteApp and that seemed to help for now. The issue is sporadic, works fine for a while then dips. At night it is great! :) 

@FinTechSean I just got this back from `@AzureSupport` on Twitter:


Separately, latency on an existing connection to WVD seems much better at the moment. The "signal quality" icon in the title bar went from being between 0/4 and 1/4 bars to 3/4 bars. Could either be because it's getting close to lunch time, because users are dropping off because of high latency, or because the engineers are making changes.

@GuyPaddock FYI, ours cleared up now and I got a call from MS Support on my open ticket. The person did not know what to check beyond asking me to restart the VMs. I asked them to forward the ticket onto the WVD Engineering team. I happened to get an email from MS Support as well, who said the support engineers are all currently overloaded with no reliable ETA on support resolution. I sent him a link to this thread on tech community and asked him to pass onto the WVD team.


I'll just have to assume they have some internal performance monitoring tools and would notice things like internet gateway saturation.

@FinTechSean We're now having issues connecting. Users are frequently getting stuck at "Initiating remote connection..." and then eventually the RD client times-out.

This has been continuous for several hours now. I know this is a shocker, but perhaps MS should not allow additional users until they've added additional capacity.

Our connections seem fine at the moment, though the WVD Tenant management site is super slow.


@Steve1435 - unfortunately, I bet it's a lot of folks with existing pilot setups who started having people login from home this week as more people are enacting BCP plans. It would be tough to count those as  'additional users'. It probably isn't a bunch of people spinning up new tenants. in the past few days.

@FinTechSean We're certainly in that "pilot to BCP" group. We started using WVD back when it was in Preview last summer (June). Now it's become mission critical in the last 24 hours.

@GuyPaddock It certainly accelerated our timeline!

We are currently showing in Azure as having issues.

MPACT SUMMARY: Starting at 17:15 UTC on 16 Mar 2020, you have been identified as a customer using Windows Virtual Desktop service whose users may see errors when connecting to VMs using Windows Virtual Desktop. End users who are subscribing to the list and apps or connecting remotely may fail on those operations. Additionally you may see errors when running diagnostic queries for this service.

@Steve1435 Yeah, was actually just informed by Azure Support on Twitter that they are pushing status updates via Azure Service Health now. Apparently, the prior issue related to diagnostic queries (9TB5-788) has been replaced with 9VQ0-D88.




I have not received this update and I see that its only affecting US? We had extremly slow performance today in West Europe. When i connected directly to the wvd host trough VPN there were no performance issues. Anyone else using WVD on West Europe experienced this today? Right now (Middle of the night) there are no performance issues. So I guess the problem is when there are too many users using the solution.