WVD Deployment

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Long story short, the WVD deployment failed after following the steps from https://youtu.be/NQFtI3JLtaU


Please check the error message below:

    "error": {
        "message""The resource operation completed with terminal provisioning state 'Failed'.",
        "details": [
                "message""VM has reported a failure when processing extension 'dscextension'. Error message: \"DSC Configuration 'CreateHostPoolAndRegisterSessionHost' completed with error(s). Following are the first few: PowerShell DSC resource MSFT_ScriptResource  failed to execute Set-TargetResource functionality with error message: User is not authorized to query the management service.\nActivityId: 32d68641-1e58-40a9-ad91-f13bb0727941\nPowershell commands to diagnose the failure:\nGet-RdsDiagnosticActivities -ActivityId 32d68641-1e58-40a9-ad91-f13bb0727941\n  PowerShell DSC resource MSFT_ScriptResource  failed to execute Set-TargetResource functionality with error message: My first hostpool Hostpool does not exist in Windows Virtual Desktop Tenant  The SendConfigurationApply function did not succeed.\"\r\n\r\nMore information on troubleshooting is available at https://aka.ms/VMExtensionDSCWindowsTroubleshoot "
Please advise and for better understanding check the screenshot. Thank you!
Our 4-part series on Microsoft's Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Solution on Microsoft Azure. If your organization is looking for a more efficient, productive,...
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