WVD and GPU/Hardware encoding

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Anyone succesfully set up this?


I have done everything described in the documentation (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-desktop/configure-vm-gpu), but I am not seeing event ID 170 or 162 in the RdpCoreTS logs and the performance is not as expected.

Tested with Windows 10 1903 and Windows 10 Multi-User 1903. NV6 VM.

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The correct name of the event log node is RdpCoreCDV, not RdpCoreTS. the documentation is being updated.
Excellent. Thank you.
I don't have a RdpCoreCDV node at all, I only have RdpCoreTS. And I also see no EventID 162 or 170 events.

Where is RdpCoreCDV node supposed to be and what reasons could there be for it missing?