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Have a question concerning WVD and AppAttach.


I have a test Host Pool / Session VMs setup with MSIX Package added and the App shows up in my start menu when I login to the VMs, which is all well and good.  My question is how do you break up MSIX Packages / Applications so only certain groups of users get them added when they login?


Right now, you add the MSIX Package to the Host Pool, then go to the Desktop Application Group and add the MSIX applications there, give them a display name and are finished.  You add the users / groups that can access the DAG under Assignments.  Doing this would allow any user that had an assignment to the DAG access to ANY MSIX Application added to the DAG.


Want to be able to have different MSIX Applications / Groups of Applications available to only certain groups of users and other MSIX Applications / Groups of Applications available to a different group of users in the same pool.  Looking at the various documentation and videos its shown many times how you can have your sales team getting certain apps added and your finance team (for example) getting different apps added when they login.  How do you differentiate?

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This is the work around for the moment https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/windows-virtual-desktop/using-a-desktop-and-remote-applicatio...

We are investing in something much more elegant later this year.