Windows Virtual Desktop add user in to another app group error

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Adding user into App Group below error pop up.


This user inside Desktop Application Group i need to add this user to MS Office Group. but Below Error Popup. I tried Powershell also.  is Anyone has any idea.




Failed To Add User

Unable to grant RDP access rights for User '≤≥' to Application Group '≤Microsoft Office 365≥' because the user already has rights to an Application Group(s) of a different type in the same Session Host Pool: '≤Desktop Application Group≥'
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You're currently hitting the limitation of Windows Virtual Desktop. where a user cannot be part of Remote Desktop AppGroup and RemoteApp AppGroup within the same host Pools.


To work around you can create another set of Host Pool and then create RemoteApp AppGroup in tha host pool and assign that to the same original user.


WVD team knows about this limitation and you can upvote this feature on uservoice @Kugan Nadaraja 


@Aquib Qureshi I tested with your solution previously it works but creating a new host pool need to add VMs, when it comes to OPEX with a business requirement we looking at one host pool need apps and Desktop users.


I think this feature not available with WVD


Anyway thanks for your prompt.