Windows hots pool cannot connect with session host VMs

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I created the WVD Hostpool with the image through the Azure portal and finished without error.

But when I use azure PowerShell run “Get-RdsSeeesionHost,” there show no session host vms were connected with the Hostpool.

I checked the log and found there are some problems as below:

Is there has someone who knows how to resolve this issue?


02-27-20 04:10:12 - MSFT_ScriptResource:117 - Getting rdsh host AZUREWVD0-0.….net information

02-27-20 04:25:23 - MSFT_ScriptResource:121 - RDSH object content:

02-27-20 04:25:23 - MSFT_ScriptResource:126 - Waiting for session host return when in available status

02-27-20 04:40:36 - MSFT_ScriptResource:132 - Session host  not in Available state, wait timed out (threshold is  seconds) 

02-27-20 04:40:36 - MSFT_ScriptResource:135 - Successfully added  VM to

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@ArthurYang : Were there any errors when deploying through the Azure Marketplace? If so, you can start troubleshooting with this guid: .


@christianmontoya  Thanks so much for your replay.

No, there were not has any errors through the host pool created. but the agent didn't installed normally.

Usually, the agents as below will be installed to VMs when created hostpool through Azure Marketplace.

1, Remote Desktop Agent Boot Loader

2, Remote Desktop Services Infrastructure Agent

3, Remote Desktop Services Infrastructure Agent

4, Remote Desktop Services Infrastructure Geneva Agent

5, Remote Desktop Services SxS Network Stack

But, the VMs with issues just installed agent as below:

1, Remote Desktop Agent Boot Loader

2, Remote Desktop Services Infrastructure Agent


Do you know the reason or how to resolve this issue? Thanks so much




@null_null : Did you also provision through the Azure Marketplace offering?



yes, through Azure Marketplace.