Version 1.2.1844 of the Windows Desktop client for WVD has been released to all users!


This morning we released the March update of the Windows Desktop client (MSRDC) to all users.


Check out What’s New in this release, and as always, appreciate any feedback.

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@RISHIPO21 I'm still having issues with the camera randomly zooming in during meetings.  

Is there anything we need to do to enable the 2x2 functionality?

@RISHIPO21 We seem to have developed an issue with 1.2.1844 on a bunch of 32bit Window 10 LTSC 2019 based client that shortly after connection the client closes - suspect maybe connected to Teams? At first login it connects for a bit whilst apps launch at login and then disconnects, immediately on reconnect disconnects. ?App that launches before initial disconnect is Teams



@RISHIPO21 ok so we have now also replicated that on another x86 machine running Win 10 Pro 2004. We have confirmed that definitely relates to Teams on a client WVD image, no Teams ok, install Teams ok, install WVD media extensions for Teams then Remote Desktop client crashes about 5-10 seconds after Teams initially launches, I assume after the WVD media redirection magic starts to negotiate itself, downgrade to back to 1.2.1755 ok.