Version 1.2.175 of the Remote Desktop client for Windows now available


Hi folks, first these updates should really go out before the build goes live. I'll work on that. Second, we'll soon enable a new Insider ring for the client which will allow you to test new versions before they go out to everyone. More info on that soon.


With that out of the way, here's what's new in version 1.2.175 aside from additional bug fixes:

  • Re-enabled the ability to provide the AD username during the connection.
  • Accessibility improvements including better support for high-contrast and narrator.
  • Fixed an issue with user setting corruption causing the app to crash on launch.
  • Fixed connections issues from RS1 & RS2. These also happened to a lesser degree on later versions.
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@David Belanger 


I stumbled over and downloaded the client at some point.


I still have the downloaded file, but I cannot find the download page again and I really would like to point my users at it, instead of sharing the client from my Onedrive :)


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@WelshWizard wrote:



Here you go


isn't google wonderful.






Well, I did ask Google of course, but for me the search Remote Desktop client or Azure Remote Desktop client did not return something useful.


Your googles must be broken :)
You can also use the link below. For now it points to the client directly. It might point to a page where to download the client from in the future.

The FWlink should continue pointing to the 64-bit version of the client but we may add other architectures in the future.

Hi David @David Belanger  Is there any update on the 32bit? I have everything setup ready to go but failed at the last hurdle when I discovered our machines were largely 32 bit and there is no client!