Upgrading WVD images


I've recently finished my first WVD deployment and all went well. Moving forward though I want to know if I can simply update my Win 10 VM's or should I deploy new images as they come out and sysprep those images? Basically do I run normal windows updates from 1908 -> 2004 or do I grab the new 2004 image and sysprep after adding the apps I'm interested in again?

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Any of the two options you mentioned work.

Hi @Paul Brock 


It is always best practice to create new images if you can. This ensures that your images are always clean and you are not inheriting any previous problems.  


Also be careful with Sysprep, you can only sysprep an image 8 times so you would run into issues in the future. I use this method personally which works well - https://www.robinhobo.com/windows-virtual-desktop-wvd-image-management-how-to-manage-and-deploy-cust...


Hope that helps!