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I deployed the RDS pool in Azure and i would like to know if is it possible to connect on it using a thin client.


Have anyone doing that?



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@fbcarvalho01 : We are working with our thin client vendors to support Windows Virtual Desktop. Are there any specific thin clients you're looking at using that we should include in consideration?

@fbcarvalho01 you can connect to Windows Virtual Desktop from thin clients using the HTML5 client. Currently, we do not have a native client for thin clients (i.e., Linux or Windows) but we are investigating this for the future. 


What thin client(s) in particular are you interested in using? Is there a particular thin operating system you would like to us? And/or a particular device type? 




WTWare on the Raspberry Pi hardware would be amazing, I've used them with and RDS infrastructure and was the performance was fantastic. I'm pretty sure they use BusyBox as the base OS 

Hi @fbcarvalho01 

Your post was long time ago, I know, but I'm trying to crawl the community and respond to as many posts as possible. IGEL ( have a WVD client for our IGEL OS. You can repurpose your existing fleet of x86/64 endpoints with IGEL OS, or of course get our hardware endpoints. If you still looking for a solution, please reach out to me and we can have a discussion. We (IGEL) can probably help you to get to a successful endpoint strategy for your WVD investment.