Spring Portal WVD bug with Custom Image and Creating App Group

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TLDR: App Group creation wizard stating there are no hosts in a host pool created from a custom image, but finds them fine after App Group exists.


Having an odd interface issue with the client on the App Group creation.



  • Client created custom image with core apps (office, adobe, chrome)
  • Deployed host pool successfully from custom image
  • Health & status updates all show the hosts as fine and no real errors in logs


  1. Go to create a Application Group (either via WVD > App Group, Host Pool > App Group, etc), when we get to the Applications tab, the page states:
       'The host pool <poolName> does not contain virtual machines.'
  2. If we create the App Group (ie: via New-AzWvdApplicationGroup), adding an application there works fine and the Start Menu list is populated just fine
  3. If we create a Host Pool with a Microsoft Gallery image (ie: Win10 Multi + O365), the interface works fine without any issue


Its not a major issue at the moment and is easy to get around, but my bigger concern is that there is something with the image creation process they're using that might cause bigger issues.  Is there some way to tell what/how the system is determining there is or isn't hosts in the Host Pool to poll for Apps?

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@KitSMFX We are seeing this reported a few times - unable to repro it. Could you verify if the VMs are created in a different location or resource group or subscription than the hostpool? From some reports it looks like when the VM is in a different location than the hostpool, this error is seen.

@KitSMFX : We are facing the same issue. It always happen, after we migrating our Fall WVD images to the Spring version. 

@Superdomi When you create an app group, does it say no VMs in your hostpool? If that is the case, we are deploying a fix right now. It should be complete tomorrow and you can try it out.