(Solved) WVD [Spring Release] Outlook Web App Redirection


Recently I created an app pool in order to web app the Outlook client. I used a gallery image (using Win10 1909 Multi w O365) I created and deployed 5 hosts with this v1 image and published the app without issue. When using Outlook and creating a new email you could attach a document from the local machine's C: drive.


I made an update to the gallery image and redeployed new hosts in their place with the updated image. When I redeployed my updated hosts with the v2 image, I lost the redirection when using the Outlook web app.


I have also created a separate desktop pool with a different image and am experiencing similar issues all of a sudden, no drive redirection. This is using the same gallery image that I simply installed a few apps on and published to SIG.


I reviewed the custom RDP properties doc and confirmed settings via PS as well as via the host pool > properties > RDP settings UI -


PS results: 

PS C:\Program Files\PowerShell\7> Get-AzWvdHostPool -ResourceGroupName <RESOURCEGROUP1> -Name <HOST1> | format-list Name, CustomRdpProperty

Name : <HOST1>
CustomRdpProperty : audiocapturemode:i:0;audiomode:i:0;drivestoredirect:s:*;redirectclipboard:i:1;redirectcomports:i:0;redirectprinters:i:1;redirectsmartcards:i:1;screen mode id:i:2;


Am I missing something here to enable redirection to access the local machine's drive? I have made minimal registry or GPO changes in the image, nothing that would impact redirection to my knowledge. I am using the Spring release of WVD as well.


Thank you for any assistance!

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UPDATE: One user now can see the \\tsclient\C\Users\USERNAME directory when trying to attach a document. Confirmed this across multiple hosts as well, so not host specific. All other users still cannot see the redirect.
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Appears the changes to custom rdp properties just take time to propagate across the host pool, more time than I was allowing. I have not had any issues since if I allow a couple hours to pass.

hello, trying to redirect COM ports and using the spring update version of the wvd, when we enter the custom rdp property i.e. redirectcomports:i:0 in the UI on Azure portal - it comes back with the error below


Value does not either match the format "[name]:[type]:[value]" or some property name are invalid


does anyone have clue?