Reassigning Personal WVD

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I'm testing out the personal host pool setup. A host machine is assigned a user when that user first logs on through the Remote Desktop Client. This works as expected. However, I can't figure out how to remove an assigned user and reassign that host machine to another user. I've tried removing the user from the App Group. That didn't work. I ended up having to delete the host machine and create a new one. Is there a way to reassign host machines in a personal host pool environment?
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@iggyemu That's a very nice question!

@iggyemu I'm experiencing the same issue. Even by removing some users, it will not replace them with the new one I added. Any one has any trick for not having to add a new VM to the pool?


@iggyemu  I had a similar ask

From above powershell doco it states that

When running this command to remove a session host from a persistent host pool, the user assignment is also removed. This is the only way to re-assign a user to a new session host in a persistent host pool.

So the best I was able to achieve was

Remove-RdsSessionHost -TenantName TenantXYZ -HostPoolName PoolABC -Name SessionHostToBeRefreshed

Generate a new token for the session pool via

 New-RdsRegistrationInfo -TenantName TenantXYZ -HostPoolName PoolABC -ExpirationHours 1

(Export-RdsRegistrationInfo -TenantName TenantXYZ -HostPoolName PoolABC ).Token


Log onto that machine and remove the "Remote Desktop Services Infrastructure Agent" - if there are multiple versions make sure to remove every single one.

The reinstall it (there should be a copy under C:\Program Files\Microsoft RDInfra\Microsoft.RDInfra.RDAgent.Installer-x64.msi)

And when prompted use the token that you generated earlier.

It will take about 5mins for the session host to rejoin.



I would very much prefer a powershell command that can remove assignment rather than uninstalling an agent!






Thanks for the research and insight. 

@soloji - Thanks for the information.  Wondering if this is still the only method for reassigning a personal host?



Did you tried WVD Spring 2020 , anyone know in WVD spring 2020 the same feature is introduced or not , currently we are also facing same issue , In personal pool once user is assigned to session host we could not able to assign the instance some once in cause of existing user resigned the organization.


thanks in advance.

@Kesavan Munuswamy Try this works everytime 2 minute task




@Paulb1390 Man I have to tell you, I have been wracking my brain trying to get this functionality to work and your simple solution worked like a charm. Much appreciated!!