RDS - random disconnects different users and different locations

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Looking for any suggestions or input that might help resolve random, multiple RDS disconnects with WVD environment. This is an environment that was created a couple of months ago, 9 users, B2ms DC, D2sv3 file server and D8sv3 single host. Users are in at least 4 different locations and all get disconnected for no apparent reason. It usually last for a few seconds to a minute or two and then they are reconnected.

Microsoft has taken a look at this with no answers. They asked us to use RDStrace to capture the moment a disconnect happens. The only problem with this is the software captures a large amount of data therefore it must be started and stopped just before and just after the issue appears. HA! Good luck with that one!


Anyone else having this issue? Any ideas on how to troubleshoot or resolve it? 


Thanks!!! Louis

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We have sometimes the same issue. Users are random disconnected for a few seconds. One day there are no problems, sometimes a user is disconnected for a few times a day. 

@swalra something you could do is the next time there is a random disconnect, you could try to report the issue using Feedback Hub and reply to this thread with the link to the item. This might provide us some information in the logs.


Submitting feedback: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/remote/remote-desktop-services/clients/windowsdeskto...