Random disconnects for all users

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Hi All,


I've got an issue with a WVD environment where all users lose their connections to the WVD environment. We run multiple hosts in the UK South region and the connecting users are in multiple locations (so doesn't appear to be an issue with there internet connection). 


Everyone will lose their connection at the exact time and usually reconnects and then disconnects a couple more times. The disconnect usually lasts around 20 seconds or so. I've ran RDS Diagnostics powershell commands but I'm not able to source the cause of this issue. Any suggestions out there?



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@ritchnet I would recommend to open a support case for this to be investigated. There are no known issues which could result in this behavior.

We are experiencing the exact same issue here. One particular client has random users disconnected from the newest RDS client throughout the day. Would consider the local ISP, but users are also in four different locations and not on related ISPs.


Would love t know if you find a fix for this! @ritchnet 

@layoub We had the same Issue appear last week with it getting worse as the week progressed. We identified that the issue for our clients whom were using thick clients was due to some missing windows updates. 


Hopefully this helps

@WillSomerville Updates on the client or VM? I will check all of the clients, but know for sure the Surface Pro I was using for testing was fully updated and patched. It too lost the connection a couple times a day.


Thanks for the reply!




Hi Louis


This would be on the local devices. What we found is that some of our users machines had not installed the latest feature pack and they were running on 1803 or 1809 upon updating them to 1903 the issue went away. My WVD pools auto update via azure so these are always fully patched.