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I have WVD setup, which works fine except for printing... On redirected printers on the web client and on client apps, the paper size defaults to 'Letter' which is no good in the UK where all our printers take A4, and sometimes A3. Is there any way I can change the default paper size for these redirected printers and the WVD web client PDF printer?


Help would be greatly appreciated!

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Did you manage to resolve this? We have a similar issue but we have A4 and A3 available but we are looking to print A0 using a print to pdf option. Works locally on the machine, just not when redirected via WVD? 

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@mlister Hi, I looked into a few options I had been suggested and EZeep worked very well. Its a dedicated solution for WVD and works flawlessly. It needs a small software install on the connecting PC and on the remote session host, and then the client PC's printers are added directly onto the session host, only for that user. All auth is done with Azure AD.


Depending on your setup PaperCut's Cloud Print for Mobility Print might be something to look at when its fully released, and I haven't looked into it at all but MS Universal Print might be a workable solution too when it is released...


Hopefully this is at least somewhat helpful