OneDrive keeps disconnecting


I have a problem at a customers where OneDrive frequently keeps disconnecting/stops syncing for some users. They run only apps, no desktop. When this happens, there are no error messages, they only discover that OneDrive no longer sync files. 


If i remove them from the remote app groups, and add them to the Desktop Application group and log on, i can see the OneDrive icon at the bottom right showing the red X, saying that the user needs to log on to keep syncing. I do that, and its all good. Remove them from the Desktop group, add them to their normal app group, and they can log in and OneDrive syncs again. 


Why do this keep happening? Anyone else got this problem? We have the railrunonce keys in registry to start OneDrive on every login, as stated in another thread here. The problem is that with remote apps, they cant see the OneDrive client icon, and have no option to logon again, as they would have with a full desktop.

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@Mtollex70 I think this will require a ticket with OneDrive support. They can bring in the necessary teams to help troubleshoot once we've isolated everything in OneDrive is working as expected. To open a ticket with OneDrive for Business support, log into the Office 365 Admin Center, select the Support tab and file a ticket with your issue. If you'd like to call instead, use this link to learn how to do that: