MS Teams WVD Media Optimized not showing Camera


I've ran the MS Teams Media Optimization on a test deployment and I've come across an odd hiccup.


Implemented the following how-to to the letter :


When I verify MS Teams it properly sais WVD Optimized, yay!

I have a native connection to my headset, speakers and Webcam yay! He detects the proper hardware.

But for some reason the camera has a static pure white screen and doesn't function. When you try to launch a call he throws op the error "Soory, we couldn't connect you" Tried it on multiple hardwares, same effect.

Even more surprising, if I go old-school and simply allow redirection of the camera and audio and deactivate Media Optimization the camera works as expected. (For those wondering you need to enable custom RDP settings to redirect camera and microphone)


Anyone have any ideas what could go wrong? I'd really prefer to enable WVD Optimizations instead of just enabling redirection. Performance should improve greatly this way. Anyone have any ideas or directions to look into? I don't seem to find a lot of troubleshooting or logging on WVD redirection except that Teams seems to detect it via the version check.

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Few things:


first, did you follow all of the guidance here: 


second, can you try to 

  1. Quit Teams (not just signing out)
  2. Delete whatever is stored under %appdata%/Microsoft/Teams
  3. Restart Teams and try again

if it still doesn't work, try to sign out of Teams, then sign back in (this can fix some web service bugs).


And then if it really doesn't work after all that, you can collect logs and we can look into the issue






Deleted the %appdata%/Microsoft/Teams location and tried again but with the same result.  Is followed. I can't stress this enough, Voice calls and webcam redirection works perfectly if I disable WVD optimization. I can make calls and videocalls (even with minimal stuttering) using old-school redirection. It's the new WVD Optimization that doesn't seem to work 100%


I attached the Teams log. There are a few errors in there but little help found online on how to interpret them.





Same issue here.  No resolution.  We tried redeploying Teams again with 32-bit version and still no luck.  Followed step-by-step deployment and the WVD Media Optimized is displayed, but Camera doesn't work and cannot connect to any meetings.  @XxArkayxX